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Iron City Trading makes all natural soaps, deodorants, lotions, bath teas, herbal salves, lip scrubs an01e69c789bc8cf9586e2d0e7e1569a932a50575470d balms, essential oil sprays, yoga products, and bath salts in Huntsville, Alabama. Our products are made by hand in small batches using carefully selected ingredients to maintain high quality. We create moisturizing and exfoliating soaps in a variety of scents, castile, and unscented/uncolored varieties. We use high quality oils and butter, pure essential oils, and other natural ingredients to create bath products that nourish you skin without Parabens, Aluminum, Triclosan, Alcohol, Sodium Laurel Sulfate, or Propylene Glycol.

One aspect that sets up apart from other companies is our commitment to high quality products and environmentally responsible packaging. Many times the cost of packaging an item can be greater than the costs of the product itself. We strive to use quality packaging that you will be happy to use in your home. 90% of our packaging is made in the USA, and we are striving to find suppliers to make this 100%. Plastic containers are PET plastic, which is BPA-free. Many of our packaging materials are recycled, and all are recyclable. Our gift sets are packaged in reusable containers, such as metal buckets, plastic trays which can become organizers, or fabric bags that can be reused for jewelry or reuse as a gift package. Our soap bands are from 100% recycled paper with 30% banana leaf content all made in the USA, and you can toss the bands in with your weekly recycling. While our tubed products such as deodorant, solid lotion, and balms cannot be refilled, they can be recycled as a #5 plastic.

We are moving to making some of our products available in bulk without packaging, so you can refill your containers at home. We now sell bath salts and bath teas by the ounce, so you can store in your own container at home. We will soon be offering 16 ounce refills of our Essential Oil sprays to refill your 4 oz bottle with sprayer. Selling in bulk allows us to further reduce the amount of packaging, and save our customers money. This is a win for us, our customers, and the environment!

You can order online for delivery anywhere in the US or pickup if you live/work in the Huntsville/Madison, AL area.

Iron City Trading is a member of the Alabama Soap and Candle Association and a Professional Member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild.

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